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CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs
CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs is a great, cost effective way to keep the chair you now own, and have probably grown attached to, in good, safe working order. Your office chair may be fine except for one part or one fixture. The best solution will be, for it to approach CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs. Our technicians assist you to assess the magnitude of the fault with the chair and the appropriate cost effective solution once they diagnose the product, and this crucial service is absolutely FREE.

The great thing is, we are able to make this very easy for you. We can come out to your workplace or home and do most office chair service quickly onsite for you. We can do common problems like clutch adjustments, and tilting backs onsite. This makes the amount of time you spend on this is minimal. If you have a more serious problem or something that can't be done onsite like upholstery or most mechanism replacements, we have a fast turn around time with our FREE pick up and FREE delivery service.

By maintaining your office chair you are extending it’s life by replacing only what is needed, which not only saves you money, but also keep you away from back pains which results from the unhealthy sitting postures. You will also find your work efficiency enhanced to the optimum level.

CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs expertise can handle the repair of any model of any brand and can also provide necessary spares.

So if CHAIR-MAN Chairs and Repairs sound like what you need, or you'd like to find out more... call us CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs (the service wing of Offex Office Furniture) +91 40 2784 1191 or Mobile +91 98487 86787

WHY CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs
Mobile and In-shop Repairs
Our mobile service can be on location within short time, solving your office furniture problems. Highly skilled repair technicians are trained to work stealthily in a busy office environment to minimize distractions and interruptions to your normal work routine.
In-shop repair services
Are also available in cases of complicated or space consuming repairs, or where mobile services would be inconvenient. We pick up and deliver at free of cost and the servicing can be done at our workshop.
  » Service to All Brands
Branded or not, your office chairs will get the care and attention they deserve. We service and install all brands of office furniture.
Parts and Materials We have access to a full line of spare parts of high standard and accessories, and hard-to-find parts for discontinued models. When possible, we source from genuine agencies, saving your office time and money. All parts come with a warrantee that we pass on it to you.
Experience Experienced staff is the key to successful repairs and maintenance, our staff has over 20 years experience repairing and maintaining all makes and manufactures of office chairs. We are skilled in all areas of professional office furniture repair and installations.
Satisfaction guarantee We put the customer in the back of our mind in "Customer Service". Most parts have a manufacturer's warranty that we pass on to the client. All work we do is performed to customers’ specification and carried out by qualified and certified team members
CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs promptly provide any information or bids requested by our customers. We don't believe in making the customer wait for days to receive the information. In the event that we cannot provide a product or service to accommodate your needs, we will recommend another provider or solution
CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs places people first. We don't believe in the computerized phone systems that most companies utilize. A real person, a professional technician, or office furniture provider that can answer your questions on the spot, take each call
CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs will meet or beat the competition's prices whenever possible. We want your business and the opportunity to show you what we can do for you. In order to continuously expand our clientele base, while improving our level of service and competitiveness in the market, we are willing to forgo profitability for opportunity
CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs staff is always on call 10 am to 9 pm, on all working days. Our phones are never off. If we can assist you, we will do so promptly and courteously!

CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs will do whatever is necessary to ensure our clients are pleased with the services provided. The reward for this dedication has been the ability to continually provide more products and services to our clients. We believe their satisfaction with our services is reflected in our long-standing relationships with clients who continue to utilize our services.

So if CHAIR-MAN Chair Repairs sound like what you need, or you'd like to find out more.... call us CHAIR-MAN spares and repairs (the service wing of Offex Office Furniture) +91 40 6631 7039 or Mobile: 98487 86787
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Our Spares and Services
• Gas lift
• Mechanism
• Bush
• Broken base
• Castors
• Dimensional base
• Stem
• Lock leaver
• High tensile coil
• Arms
• Swing easier
• Broken seat (timber)
• Loose back
• Reconditioning
• Reupholster
• Cushion

Our Upcoming Toher Servises
• Preventive Maintenance Program
• Furniture installation ( old and new)
• Reconfiguration of office layout
• Moving services
• Project management

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